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ACOUS Design started from a simple question, “how can we improve upon Apple EarPods and AirPods?”. This was a question asked by now CEO ‘Kuan’ and CTO ’Hank’ who both used Apple EarPods as their minimum industry standard for product testing when working on in-ear headphones in their previous positions.


In April 2017, Kuan and cofounders Hank and Otis met to discuss the inception of a new revolutionary earbuds accessory. This is when they realized that as a team, they could bring ”Purest earbuds” to every Apple fan. Purest earbuds is an accessory designed to improve sound quality, bass, comfort and noise reduction allowing users to have a better music experience.


ACOUS Design is driven by a mission of making simple devices Apple fans love, better.


Kuan Ting

CEO & Cofounder

With an electronics background and passion for manufacturing, Kuan is an entrepreneur in the mobile accessory industry. Kuan enjoys experience from Manager in Dog and Bone Australia, Sales in YOMURA Taiwan and Cofounder in RunningBoy online grocery in US. Kuan has Master degree in Economics from Texas A&M University.

Hank Yu

CTO & Cofounder

Hank is a talented individual who has 15 years of experience in product design. During this time, Hank has created many inventions and holds 8 patents. Hank has worked for well know companies producing world leading products including Samsonite, Rexroth…etc.

Amber Huang

Design Director

For over 25 years, Amber has product design experience in computer, communication and consumer electronics industry. Amber worked in YFY group and Eink.

Michael Potts

International Sales Director

For over 18 years, Michael has been steering business development and sales teams within the technology and wireless industry. Michael’s more recent appointments include working within Aegis Media, one of the world’s leading marketing communications groups, and Next Digital, Asia Pacific’s largest independent digital marketing agency. In his current role, Michael has built a diverse and focused distribution network and retail channel servicing leading products for the global consumer market. Michael holds a Bachelor degree in Information Technology and a diploma in Business Computing.

Otis Luo


For 12 years, Otis has led international sales teams within the consumer electronics industry. Otis’s more recent appointments includes ENTIRE Technology where he enjoyed many challenges and successes.

Penny Tsai

Marketing Manager

10 years of experience in sport related marketing. Penny worked for famous sport brands such as Spalding, Nike, UA...etc.

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